Brancion Village

Coming from Saint-Gengoux-le-National, the tourist can see in front of him the massive and imposing Mont Saint Romain, in the chain of mountains of Macon and the steep rock d'Aujoux overlooking charming villages.

 Between these two is a steep hill with its proud dungeon and a roman steeple. That's Brancion. To reach it, you follow a charming, winding road offering many picturesque views. Going up you can see on the right the romantic castle of Nobles and on the left a standing stone (menhir), just before you reach Brancion.

 After a few more bends you arrive at the archway, the only access to the castle and the village, surrounded by steep ravines. There you find yourself in the middle of a medieval décor with the castle, the reception halls, the ancient houses and the church. From the threshold of the church you have a magnificent panoramic view of the vast land in its variety and harmony.

 It is not surprising that, even seen once, Brancion leaves an unforgettable impression.